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battlefield-4-wallpaper.jpg BF4 Station

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TDKA TV Features some of the latest video's from our members as well as some of our highlights from the old days xD Check Out Vids From SAZARUX.
gta5.jpgGTA V Station

TheLastOfUs.jpg TLOU Station

I finished the concepts all that remains is the appeal.

Also... I thought it would much more simpler to make a facebook page for TDKA. seeming as its the most used site. 

With this I'll also set up a Youtube Channel for TDKA, If you have any gameplay, ask me to record it for you. The video will be rendered at HD Quality I will also provide you with the video and work closely with you to ensure that the editing is to your absolute standards.

I will begin this process 8/23/2013 more information will be posted.